Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Added colour to this sketch from a while ago, that I apparently never posted here...

Kinda thought he looked too lean, but since Super Saiyan God is lean, I figured I'd chuck appropriate colours on it!

His skin is too dark and pink. But when it was lighter it looked wrong. IDOWHATIWANT.

In other news related news, my Majin Vegeta picture is now available as a print on Etsy!  I've also set up a new Twitter account for artists and illustrators who sell their work on Etsy. The aim is to gain greater exposure by mutual promotion, so check it out!

My Macbook is back at the Apple store being repaired, again. It's been worse since they last took it in. I'm also super busy as of late with work. I cannot believe it's almost Halloween... Where have the last couple of months gone?

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