Saturday, 10 January 2009


This is from the other day and it's terrible. MOVING ON.

Close-up of Iff's face because I thought it was going considerably well for me and my lacking abilities to draw humanoids.

This was me establishing that I'd forgotten how to draw Sonic styled characters last night whilst high on caffeine and getting angry with my inability to draw hands (or anything, for that matter, as it's all bollocks...)

But it's quite interesting to note that today, not high on caffeine, things are rather different...
On the left is Saffron who is this guy's Sonic 'verse character. And on the right is Arrow, of course. Both were sketched in Photoshop. The red linework is me battling with my arch nemesis, Adobe Illustrator... But it's coming out okay. The chance of me finishing it, as we well know by now, is slim... But all the while I have a project for uni that I should be doing, distractions that seem productive are appealing. So we shall see.

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