Saturday, 9 November 2013

I painted this guy on Thursday. I wanted to make some unique Christmas cards. He's acrylic, watercolour and watercolour pencil on stretched paper.

I was going to print at home, but I turned the printer on and it gurgled and spat at me. I pulled the plug out and decided to get them professionally done.

My first port of call whenever I buy online is Quidco. It's a cash-back and deals site where you get some money back when you buy online (so basically, a delayed discount). They have a deal with where you receive £5 cashback on your first order, so I rolled with it, having heard good things about Moo in the past. Moo print business cards, postcards, cards, etc. The best thing about Moo is that you can use as many designs as you like for no extra cost. So whether you get 100 cards all the same, or 2 styles with 50 each or 8 different styles with, er... roughly 12 each, then that's cool with Moo! Ended up costing about £20 for 25 cards inc. postage, which I thought was decent? They're nice quality and you can customise them 100%. I have a logo on the back of mine and they're blank inside, but I could have put whatever I wanted inside. Also, gosh they're speedy! I ordered late Thursday eve and they came Saturday! Will definitely use them again.

So yeah, if you're in the UK and not already using Quidco, I suggest you start! If you use my refferal link by clicking here, you'll get £1 to start you off, completely for free!

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