Saturday, 2 July 2011

I was forced to sit through each Saw movie, one each night. I'm really squeamish, so I've been avoiding them for ages. Ignoring all the parts I didn't see because I was covering my eyes like a pansy, I actually really enjoyed them (except 7, wtf was 7?).

I've been meaning to do a picture of Billy the Puppet for Kyle for a long time as it seemed like a fun and fitting thing to do in this painterly style I enjoy working in, and now I've finally got round to it. Structure gel, gouache and ink on scrap of brown paper. I love how creases and folds in the paper add to the textures.

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  1. Awh Billy! I love it!

    Saw 7 pissed me off because it was... well, you saw it. You should know. They just keep popping up accomplices who you hadn't heard of for the past three movies, and you're like... uh, what? /end rant. Sorry about that.