Thursday, 10 March 2011

Observations from photos. This one is gouache and I only used the primary colours and a touch of white. Was a colour experiment more than anything, I think it was quite successful. Other attributes of it less than so. I like gouache. Need to use it more.

This took far too long. Had real trouble drawing the coaster. It's a detailed concept sketch of part of the queue line. I'm going to try colouring it digitally.

And the design for the entrance to the first temple, an indoors part of the queue with reptile exhibits.


  1. Can I please have just one ounce of your talent? I love the colors! -amber

  2. I like these Joe... Usually I'm critical... But... I cant...

    All I would say is keep the colours muted when you do the digital colouring, otherwise they will come out too vibrant like the past project... but that's not even crit, that's just a reminder...