Sunday, 28 March 2010


  1. uhm.... silly question... but have you thought of looking at my photos from Japan... these images feel like theyre missing something...
    I get the impression your going for that temple-in-the-woods look, but there was more to it than just slamming a temple in the woods... and I know you were thinking bamboo... But I'm pretty sure temples are surrounded more by fir tree's... I cant remember hte different tree types... also in terms of sound effects Cicada's can be heard at ALL TIMES, might add authernticity if thats what your going for.

  2. Your japan photos are dreadful. I've got plenty of photos of Mt Takao, but it's... getting the area to look, dense? Whilst still including everything. So, yeah, they took look empty I agree but I'll get there. I think once I actually attempt something properly with colour and with details such as lanturns and... shrine, looking areas, and fences, and rocks and statues, it'll be better... Thanks for the sound thing though, that will be helpful for the accumpanying text I hope t include.