Monday, 19 October 2020

Finished this!

Then I realised I forgot some of his will markings. I might fix it. Eventually. :')

This was an attempt to replicate the Sonic Channel 2020 art style as closely as possible, sketch and examples of official artwork can be found in this previous post.

Most commercial work is about imitation at it's core, working to a specific style. And it's hard. The arts get very hung up over originality and having individual style, when really the bulk of professional work is about meeting expectations for certain aesthetics.

This is just for fun - but I have always found it funny how frowned upon "copying" style in the professional illustration world is, despite it making up the bulk of commercial illustrative work. Especially when there is absolutely no doubt that the skill in imitation is nothing to be scoffed at.

There's a bunch "wrong" with this piece - but in scrutinising the official works, I found so many glaring inconsistencies that I stopped worrying after a while.

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