Friday, 5 February 2016

I tend to avoid doing digital lineart. I have a reasonably shaky hand and the stylus picks up and magnifies every shudder. But I've decided to stop being a wuss and actually try to make something. A lot of the time, I find myself going "oh I can't do that, so I won't even try" and I need to stop it. 

This turned out better than I thought. I think the lines are too thick, but it's a start!

This is a small section of a large scribble I drew back in December that I was just going to do my usual digital painting under/over. But I may try doing something completely different with it now and taking on the challenge of line-arting the entire thing digitally. Or maybe just outlining the characters and having a painterly background and scenic elements. Either way,  better than expected, and the lesson here is stop avoiding things because you think you can't do them before you even try, because it's stupid.

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