Wednesday, 10 February 2016

I started this back in 2013... And just left it unfinished. There's lots of issues with it. There's lots I would do differently today, but I decided it was important that I finish it.

Until very recently, I wouldn't finish much personal work. It would get to a stage where I thought "I can do better if I redo the entire thing" and would push it aside. It's a stupid attitude, because you end up with very little polished work to show. Much of the professional work I do I can't share and more importantly, I don't get much opportunity to work on stuff like this professionally, so I have no evidence I can do it. So here's a digital painting of a dragon. It's a bit dark, I know. It's suffering from typical me dullness syndrome. There's some stuff about it I really like though, like the hand and the light coming through the wing.

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