Friday, 22 May 2015

Same project as this post. A "what if" retheme of an existing attraction at a park local to me.

The story goes something like this... There's a railroad is built into Aztec ruins to bring back the treasure, only to disturb a very hungry legendary serpent. The treasure hunting locals discover he rather likes burritos - spicier the better! Before long, they're cooking up a never ending stream of sacrificial burritos and the town becomes famous for the recipe, opening a nearby restaurant for tourists.

The idea is to have something fun and silly and bright and ridiculous that also makes some kind of sense and fits the park brand - because that's what theme parks were about for me growing up - silliness. The park choose to retheme this ride to the wild west. It seemed a shame to me that they already had a Mexico themed area adjacent, a rarely used theme in the wider industry with the potential for bright colours and exciting music, but choose the overused and sleepy Western trope. I need to visit and take a tonne of photos to use as reference to better consider the area, but here's a couple of coloured sketches that show my current ideas. The first is the ride control box, second a large scenic prop with fire effects, which I did back in March and apparently forgot to post here! Thanks for looking.

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