Sunday, 19 January 2014

 More Vegeta. Sorry.

I was going for a post battle image, with tattered gloves and spandex that now needs throwing away and wounds that should probably get treated. I imagined this was, like every battle of Vegeta's, one he lost, or rather one he couldn't win without Goku. So he's pissed off that despite his best efforts, he's still come home to Capsule Corp in this state. He's pulling his gloves off. Why he's looking at you whilst he does it I don't know - in fact he'd probably look better if he was looking at what he was doing. It kinda implies something very different, then. Maybe I'll change it before I post this elsewhere.

This was the sketch. Originally his hair was huge, in the finished picture it's probably too small. Can't win.

Also I had so much trouble with his butt. Hid it in the darkness in the end.

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