Sunday, 22 September 2013

More Dragon Ball Z scribbles... Yeah, mostly Vegeta. Because Vegeta is the best. Andtheeasiesttodraw. But also the best.

Goku's face is an actual nightmare to draw, I don't understand it. It's the "typical anime eyes that float inside the face shape" dilemma. There's no structure that signifies where they should, like, be? I get the same phenomena with Walibi compared to drawing his evil brother Squad. The angry eyebrows make Squad, Vegeta and all over "angry eyebrow" characters easier to draw. I hope that makes sense.

That last Vegeta I particularly like, I wanted to draw him crouching but I was struggling with the legs so maybe I'll come back to it later butidoubtit.

I think I may have forgotten how to draw with real pencils too so that needs to happen more. I've been working a lot recently, which of course has the reverse effect on me it does everyone else, motivation! I seem to find time for stuff that when I'm less busy I couldn't possibly fit in. 

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