Saturday, 28 September 2013

I'm not going to lie, I just didn't want to draw the rest of him. So he's looming out of the darkness. But it's fitting, right? Oh and no clothes bar gloves because he went crazy and removed them all, that's the narrative I'm going with... The only reason he's even got gloves is because I liked the idea of the knuckles being worn away on them, hahaaaar... For those unfamiliar with DBZ, Vegeta is under Babidi's power here, with the Majin symbol on this forehead, hense the crazy. 

It came out quite nice I think. Though looking at it now, small in this preview, I think the lighting on the stomach might be a bit overkill. The hair is bothersome also. How do you shade a golden potentially glowing mass?

Had fun with it regardless, but sick of looking at it now.

Oh if you'd like to see the sketch I posted of this a few days ago, it's here.

EDIT: After viewing it on my Macbook, I realised it was a little lighter than I wanted. Hopefully it's better now?

Thought you might also like to see some closeups...

Desktop backgrounds can also be arranged. Get in touch with your resolution if interested.


  1. Awesome Joe :) glad to see the DBZ love is still alive and well! (Rhiannon)

    1. I had a 10 year hiatus. But who could truly cease such an obsession?