Wednesday, 31 July 2013

So sorry for the silence...

I've been back from the US almost a week now and I have been doing arty stuff, I've just been terrible at getting it on here!

I promised something other than Morb and Splat, so here's some digitally drawn dragons!

Been trying to do quick, loose, messy painterly things with the tablet more and more. It seems the trick is not being afraid of the blank space and just getting on with it - as with anything, ha. Putting that into practice is the hard part...

Blue because all my dragons are usually browny goldeny gross and blue is ridiculous. He has a weird chin, but after I had the shape there I thought it would be fun if it used its chin to fight, since it has such a huge bottom jaw.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


So, Blogger is now forcing you to give posts titles. Why?!?! I had to add this code to the advance CSS to hide the titles.

.post-title {
   display: none!important;

But it annoys me that I have to fill in the little box at all when posting now...

Anyway... I promised you I'd draw something else, but apparently I lied?

Scruffy Splat and Morb badges.

I'm particularly happy with the text. I hate text, but these were hand drawn and came out nice.