Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Super Saiyan Vegeta, now with a background!

That aura was such an unnecessary nightmare. I did start out trying to make it look more like to the one in the actual series, but it just stood out too much because the colouring on Vegeta himself was so soft where as the aura was so obviously solid. So I ended up with this. I also wanted a swirling storm cloud in the background but it was too distracting, so we've got misty thick rain clouds instead. The blue on Vegeta himself might be a little too blue, I might tone that down...?

I did not create the rain myself, it's a stock texture from here. A very good one at that. There's also a dust texture in there which was from here.

I should probably start signing more work. I hate doing it, but I felt this has the chance of getting reposted into oblivion online (which is good!), so at least people can find me if they want to. :)

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