Saturday, 13 April 2013

A local theme park to me, Chessington World of Adventures, recently announced an upgrade following the removal of large theming pieces on their log flume called Dragon Falls. And on their website, they've asked for people to send in their designs of what it should look like for the chance to win a season pass.

I know it's meant to be for kids... But I couldn't resist. Besides, it gives me the opportunity to practice. Here's what it used to look like...

The greatest success of this old design was that it was superb for spectators and made the drop look huge. The giant Cambodian style heads were not actually that big. It was forced perspective and the distance away guests view this scene that made it work. So, I want to make sure any new design replicated that, whilst being fresh, new and perhaps a better ride experience. The attraction has raised the height restriction for children since opening, so I thought it would be good if it could be a little scarier or mature. With this in mind...

I really like the idea of it being partially enclosed, as it provides opportunity to use some kind of narrative and theme within the dark... But it doesn't look as nice as I'd hoped. Maybe that's just me sucking.

 Pretty for onlookers, but boring for riders?

I had this idea of the exit being like a dragon's mouth in the rock but... It doesn't really fit the park vibe or look very oriental.

Another dragon mouth idea.

This is a very under worked concept, inspired by a real temple waterfall in China This could be a way to enclose the top of the drop, perhaps.

Hopefully more to come!

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