Saturday, 16 March 2013

 I've got to admit, I sort of hate museum drawing. It's the lack of comfortable seating in view of the objects that I can't stand. I don't like standing whilst I draw and I hate those silly little stalls.

So here are the 4 objects viewable from seating at the V&A.

I also dislike how people feel the need to stand over you watching you draw. Drawing, like any other activity, is difficult to do when you feel like someone is watching and judging your every move. Whilst some people may be perfectly fine with it, most people are not. I don't mind you walking past to have a glance at what I've done so far, or even stopping me to ask if you can look - I'd like that! - But don't hover behind someone drawing, breathing over their shoulder. I know the majority of museum visitors could not care less about what's on display, forcing themselves to go for some kind of cultural expectation, and that I'm the most interesting thing going on in that gallery... But seriously, it's rude, stop it.

Went last night to meet up with uni friends for a doodle after work. The focus was on trying to be very specific with my drawing, as I have a habit of scribble-sketching. See the second picture for an example of such rubbish. 

This needs to happen more often to make the most of the awesome museum late evening openings across London... I've been lazy. We also met a guy in his first year studying Illustration at Middlesex Uni, who by the sounds of it is having a way better time there than I did at Westminster. They get weekly life drawing classes! We begged all 3 years for life drawing, but it was deemed to be of no value to our study. Turns out one of the lecturers at Middlesex is a storyboard artist - figures. And to think, I dismissed Middlesex because they accepted me without condition onto the course. Lesson learnt here to those considering studying illustration at uni - find out what the lecturers do, if none of them have similar artistic interests to you, abort mission.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Watercolour and watercolour pencil, from photo reference. This started horrible and got better too, which is a running theme with me. Still not great, and I need to learn to stop putting in so many background details.