Thursday, 29 March 2012

Coloured sketch of the Shadow Room, the second major section of the Fenrir dark ride. The main purpose of this scene was to give the ride some kind of context and a slowish build up after a false start, with the wolf appearing as a shadow. 

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Some Fenrir drawings from a small sketchbook. Most of these were done on trains, ha.

Couple of scene sketches here... This first one isn't great, but shows the sleeping Fenrir bound in the roots of the tree. He awakens and rips free as you leave the room, so you don't actually see it but hear it.

 At first I hated the idea of this room but it's growing on me now, as part of a slow start to give some context before you realise you haven't escaped the wolf and it's time to panic. Great opportunity for colour in this room too, with that pool being the light source for icy blue bio luminescent nonsensicalness. And the wolf to appear in shadow form, which would be a nice "he's following you..." before you leave the room.

Been thinking a bit about what this ride would be called. I think "Ragnarok" isn't appropriate, because it's too long and unfamiliar to remember. And "Fenrir" is not only bland but doesn't feel nice to the tongue. "Fenris" is better... So I'm thinking "The Legend of Fenris" is going to be rather nice. "The legend of..." gives it a bit of context and an explanation of what to expect without actually being an important part of the title, if that makes sense?

I'm blabbing...

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

It's been a while since I did a full digital paint of Arrow. Or anything, for that matter! 

I had this idea for a picture back at the start of the year and scribbled it down, but decided to take it to Photoshop just over a week ago. 

It's probably 3 solid days work at a guess. I found a brush I really like to use. The perspective is bothersome, but I'm rather proud of the colour choices in this, for the most part.

Arrow was 8 back in February. Crazy. Scares me a bit how life speeds up as you get older.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Fenrir ride entrance doodle from a few weeks back, with quick colours. Just experimenting to see how long something like this takes me. This took 2 hours, which is still too long, is a little shabby in places and lacks a background, but practice, practice, practice!

No directional lighting on this either, poor form... In fact, I didn't think about the colour on this anywhere near as much as I should have.

I should also mention that my dog passed away a week ago, aged 15. We had her since a puppy, my father even watched her being born, so she's been around for most of my life. I can't even recall what it was like before she was around. It feels weird here.