Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hey, sorry for the lack of activity. I was doing work experiance at Merlin Studios last week and the week prior to that, which was awesome. I got to sketch up loads of ideas for future attractions. Really sad it's over actually... Was like a dream come true.

And this week has been spent job hunting for similar positions (including more work experiance), researching and the like. Productive, and it's been worth it too as I've had some great people get back to me with advice.

And no, I havne't started on that dinosaur sculpt yet. I've also been thinking a lot about an attraction idea I scrapped earlier this year... I think I should take another look at it. Here's a couple of generic dragons in the meantime... Really should have looked at a ref for the antelope thing. It's dire.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Think I'm going to make another dino sculpt, larger this time. I'm thinking maybe a carcharodontosaurus. I was going to go for tyranotitan based on a suggestion, but the lack of reference material put me off. I've done some prep sketches... Still having issues with legs, I draw them too straight I think.