Saturday, 9 July 2011

Haven't drawn a dragon in ages. I noticed when doodling this that I really never have any idea what to do with their feet. I really need to look at some animal anatomy. You can get away with being rediculous with heads and bodies to an extent, but feet need to look like they work.

There is always bits of stuff floating around in my scanner. Always. No matter how much I clean it. Always.


  1. Sorry to say it, but this looks pretty weak for you... and I agree about the animal anatomy, I think it would definitely strengthen your work... and I thought you didn't really like dragons where they had wings attached to the shoulder blades because... well, they wouldn't work?

  2. Wings attached at the shoulder looks better imo, but it makes no logical sense.

  3. I love the head.

    I tend to default towards the saurian for the feet. They aren't very visible in that one, but I don't seem to have another to hand online at the moment...

    How would you have the wings, ideally?

  4. Awesome dragon there himmapaan! The way I draw dragons I always imagine they should have quite chunky feet more than nimble bird-like ones, ya know? Almost hadrosaur feet I guess. As for the wings, I like the idea that they effectively would have two shoulders (and sets of arms, but one set is wings, as seen here) with the wing membrane stretched over 4 fingers and attaching somewhere down the tail. Nothing about my dragons makes any biological sense.

  5. Thank you!

    I managed to find these (from several years ago now; sorry about the gutter in the first, I scanned it directly from the book spread):
    They're sort of saurian but less bird-like and fairly chunky too. :D I'm also with you about their effectively having 'two' sets of shoulders.