Saturday, 23 July 2011

Back in college, I made several of pictures of lemons exploring the idea of communicating taste with visual image making. This was the largest, inspired by lemon slices in a glass of coke. It's acrylic and sand (yes, sand - to capture that fizzy sharp flavour/sensation) on thick paper. It's huge, like 4.5ft wide. I decided to get it out of the loft and list it on Folksy. I hope it finds a hope where someone has the room to display it, would look great in a cafe. I really like the images from that project. I should get the rest out and photograph them. This one is kinda too big to photograph nicely. Click here to see it on Folksy with more images.

I spent yesterday cleaning out a drawer full of art materials and boxes of craft stuff. I came across some more "work" from college. People would often pour perfectly good inks and paint into the sink, and If you placed paper or heavy-duty kitchen tissue on top it would create some beautiful abstract images. I've kept them for years wondering what to do with them.

I think they are pretty neat. I've still got some more but I've run out of double sided tape so it will have to wait.

Oh, and I apologise for the lemon thing not being clickable, that's blogger's stupid incompetence. Please go to the Folksy link to see it larger, thanks.


  1. ahh, i love all of the texture on that lemon piece! also those colors on the abstract images are so pretty...what a great way to recycle used ink :)


  2. You have some really neat work + ideas! We woud love to share some on our site, if you are interested.