Thursday, 28 July 2011

Added some colour to one of the creatures from a few posts ago.

And this dragon has apparently just finished peeing or... maybe scratching. I don't know, but I like him anyway.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

I started clearing out my cupboard and I found this amongst other treasures. It's a print out of an MS Paint drawing I did back when Pokemon was huge.

I used to draw things in MS Paint a lot, I wish I had a comp with a floppy disk drive so I could look at them all.

Anyway, haha, thought I'd share... I think it's pretty good considering.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Back in college, I made several of pictures of lemons exploring the idea of communicating taste with visual image making. This was the largest, inspired by lemon slices in a glass of coke. It's acrylic and sand (yes, sand - to capture that fizzy sharp flavour/sensation) on thick paper. It's huge, like 4.5ft wide. I decided to get it out of the loft and list it on Folksy. I hope it finds a hope where someone has the room to display it, would look great in a cafe. I really like the images from that project. I should get the rest out and photograph them. This one is kinda too big to photograph nicely. Click here to see it on Folksy with more images.

I spent yesterday cleaning out a drawer full of art materials and boxes of craft stuff. I came across some more "work" from college. People would often pour perfectly good inks and paint into the sink, and If you placed paper or heavy-duty kitchen tissue on top it would create some beautiful abstract images. I've kept them for years wondering what to do with them.

I think they are pretty neat. I've still got some more but I've run out of double sided tape so it will have to wait.

Oh, and I apologise for the lemon thing not being clickable, that's blogger's stupid incompetence. Please go to the Folksy link to see it larger, thanks.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

I bought a smallish sketchbook that I could take with me everywhere so that, when bored on public transport or whatever, I could be productive. These are from the weekend when I was on holiday with friends in Blackpool (don't judge me, I hear you judging me... stop it) and York. They aren't very good but practise is practise. Oh, and it would appear the new blogger uploader works slightly better, however it's worse than Word when it comes to positioning stuff on the page.

I've listed a selection of unusual prints that were made in response to Jeanne DuPrau's book The City of Ember on Folksy. They were made in 2009, and you can see more by going back to June-October 2009 in this blog. They kind of look like antique paranormal photography, make sure you check them out. They are only £1 each! Click here to go to my Folksy shop.

Friday, 15 July 2011

It's Splat Griffon! Coloured and everything. Look at me, being all productive... my standards anyway.

Pencil sketch coloured in Photoshop.

Present for Kyle. :)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I forgot to post here about the portfolio I finally set up, check it out!

...I have up trying to make my own. There's no way anything I did could ever be as effective as the endless supply of free portfolio sites out there. I'm just using as a hub to find all my stuff now, which I think is pretty sensible.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I'm testing out the new post creator on blogger. I don't like it. I don't like change! It was broken and they made it even more broken it seems. Has anyone noticed with the old editor how if you move images around they loose the ability to enlarge them? As in, the link dissapears? The level of stress that has caused in my time blogging is extraudinary, and if you've ever come accross an unclickable picture here, now you know why. I wonder if it happens with the new editor? We'll see.

Anyway, Here's some dragony creature doodles from the past couple of days, and some Sonic and anthro related doodles at the end. I like the sea dragon thing the best I think. Probably because he doesn't have any feet, and as we established in my last post, I have an issue with feet.


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Haven't drawn a dragon in ages. I noticed when doodling this that I really never have any idea what to do with their feet. I really need to look at some animal anatomy. You can get away with being rediculous with heads and bodies to an extent, but feet need to look like they work.

There is always bits of stuff floating around in my scanner. Always. No matter how much I clean it. Always.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

I was forced to sit through each Saw movie, one each night. I'm really squeamish, so I've been avoiding them for ages. Ignoring all the parts I didn't see because I was covering my eyes like a pansy, I actually really enjoyed them (except 7, wtf was 7?).

I've been meaning to do a picture of Billy the Puppet for Kyle for a long time as it seemed like a fun and fitting thing to do in this painterly style I enjoy working in, and now I've finally got round to it. Structure gel, gouache and ink on scrap of brown paper. I love how creases and folds in the paper add to the textures.