Friday, 10 June 2011

Yesterday was opening night for our exhibition! I was surprised and delighted with how many people turned up to look at our work.

The variety on display is actually astounding; I think most people would be surprised to find that we were all from the same course. On the wall where I’m displaying my work alone, there are photorealistic pencil drawings, theme park design, tattoo design, album art, fashion illustration and acrylic sketches of London scenes and people. You’ll also find children’s book illustration, typography, science illustration, puppetry, comic books, editorial work, animation, book covers, 3D work… the list goes on. Illustration can be anything and it tends to be a very accessible art form, there really is something for everyone at this exhibition.

I am showing my theme park design work, which is rather unusual for an exhibition space. Concept art in general tends to be a very secretive art form and theme park design is not a very well known area. I think most people were a bit confused as to what they are looking at with my work tbh, but that’s kind of what I expected. I hope that people could appreciate the drawing and story telling. I have a portfolio and sketchbook also on display.

I’m also showing “The Problem”, the book that David and I made earlier this year. We were selling copies, but I’ve heard today that only the display copy is left! I’m thrilled that they’ve all sold since opening last night! We still have prints for sale of our favourite page spread and the book is on display in the reading area for you to have a look at! Speaking of the reading area, it’s awesome.

The shop is doing very well, and there is as varied range of work for sale as there is on display, all more than reasonably priced.

Well worth a visit. Opposite Madame Tussauds and Baker Street Station at the P3 gallery until the 14. Please tweet, facebook, blog and let everyone know about this exhibition, and most importantly, go yourself!

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  1. Glad you had a good turnout, hope it went even better over the weekend.

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