Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I'm going to set myself the goal of beating last years blog post total, as they have increased every year but I'm not set to beat last year if I carry on at this rate! Must make more art!

Been making models today. I've been having trouble working out how the eagle statue would look from various angles, so I decided to make a maquette... It's scruffy and stuff but It'llhopefully serve it's purpose. Need to put him in the oven, as he's made of Sculpey. (And foil and wire and milliput, which is my new best friend.)
And as a test to see how various materials work I started on this polystyrene and clay (with some card and string and foil) model of the ride entrance to what, for now, shall be referred to as Elang (Eagle in, erm... Indonesian I think?).

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