Sunday, 14 November 2010

So today, I thought I'd have a go at doing a "final" image. I can't tell if I've just been looking at it for too long, or if it's horrendous.

Issues I have with it... (This is for Dave)
-The text isn't working. I think the letters need to be bolder. I tried caps first and it wasn't any better. This looks childish though, and I wanted it to look like notepad scrawling, not childish. The text placement is awful. It might be because there is now less space in that corner, which I had to do to avoid the page crease.
- I think the wisp under his right arm needs to be above.. and the whisp behind the left arm needs to be under. Currently it feels like the remans of the wolf are in front of him, not all around him, so it maybe needs two layers of smokey wolf-remains.
- I think if the hero's right arm was stretched out to the right a little further, it would make the composition much easier to work with as the whole image could be shifted to the left, allowing room for the text but keeping that hand out of the page crease.

My brain is about to explode. Tomorrow Dave can knock out some more people like the one here whilst I'll work on the mini project. Then I'll make some more "final" images like this, only with any luck they will be more final and less problem revealing.

EDIT: Also, decided I won't be uploading much more of this project now that it's in final stages as, with any luck, the book will be for sale at some point after Christmas. :)

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  1. It's looking great, the textures, layouts and figures. It would kinda be nice to have more harmony between the colours? Tonal wise the figure and the backgrounds vary alot, some of the really successful images are when the tones gel together well. Maybe have some narrative through the colour, where the blues become very dominate and cool the overall colour palette in both the figure and the background when the feeling is fearful? And having the colour from the background interact more with the figure in this way?

    Just suggestions :P please ignore if I am just being annoying! Good luck! Looking Epic