Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I think this might be essentially done. I'm pretty sick of looking at it, though, so I'd hard to tell. Need to print it in various ways to work out what needs editing. Took far too long.

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  1. As a design for a a front piece, yes it makes sense and it captures what you meant it to.

    you said you wanted crit, well, its nice design but as an image it feels like youve used a lot of tricks here and there which are a bit cheap. For example, you made the fence an asset and just copied, pasted and stretched it as necessary. that shows. also the 2-dimensionality of the tengu statues (and that they were apparently coloured using different greys? one warm one cold??), Im assuming these would actually be designed to have volume, even if its made from styrofoam. I dont see that here.
    And the tree's feel an un-natural sort of green?

    What I like, is the tonal work throughout, such as on the yellow panels on the huts, and the huts in general, and the way how you see the coaster in the mid- and fore-ground, makes me think about how it will wind around the acreage.

    Lastly, it feels empty. c+p some people in to the picture in the correct scale, populating the image.


    tres bonne though, I recognise and admire the amount of depth that has gone in to this, for example hte subtlety of the fireflies/fairy lights in the treescape, and the stones that form the path : )