Saturday, 13 March 2010

Scrapped the wooden coaster idea for a S&S "Free Fly" or "Eagle" coaster, again themed to the Tengu. I thought the wooden coaster would be more appropriate to ideas I've got for Wild Africa. The Free Fly is rather unique and simulates flight, so it seemed more appropriate for a Tengu theme in Wild Asia. The ride could also ground hug and wouldn't need to be very tall.

Adventurers are snatched by the mischievous Tengu and taken on a flight through a Japanese forest, swooping through bamboo, trees and over ponds. The ride would feature a viewing section for non riders to see the roller coaster perform it's unusual maneuvers. The cars on each train would be themed to a humanoid and an avian Tengu, one red and one blue. Adventurers could chose which side to ride in a queue line split.

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