Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Removed all the colours except black and a single red. Also finally flipped it. The original of this image is vast at 600dpi and large enough to print out at A2, and so it's taking ages to do anything with it. I did this because the original image is only A4. The Macs at Uni couldn't even cope with scanning it at 600dpi, so I'm at home upsetting my poor PC with this ridiculously large file.

I'm not sure about the red. Lighter, darker? And the text isn't currently very legible - good or bad? I like that it you have to work a bit to see what's going on because I don't think as an "illustration" it communicates very blatantly in the first place. I don't want it to look like the text was slapped on to a failed piece of communication to force it to communicate.

1 comment:

  1. I like this... the red is (I believe) darker than previous so its not so in your face... I think the depth/roughness of the paint gives it character, the idea is communicated.