Thursday, 15 October 2009

The following is a rediculously over-thought theme for a current Uni project. I had a mess of ideas which seemed kind of contradictory, or silly, or just violently in disagreement with my opinions on, well, life... but in writting them out like this, I think I've made sense of them. Sort of.

Deep Space - The Human Condition
The more science attempts to define the difference between non-living matter and living organisms, the more the boundary is blurred. Conciousness is, in my informed opinion, nothing more than a product of biological life.
The only real difference between living and non-living matter, is that living matter obtains and uses energy. And it uses energy to do what defines it as living, growing and reproducing.
If man-made “organisms” obtained energy and used it for growth and some form of reproduction, the boundary would be blurred even further.
In a fantasy, post-biological future, where conciousness could some how be considered a separate entity from biology and not just the product of it, could conciousness appear to behave like a hermit crab searching for found objects to inhabit? Allowing such man-made organisms to “breed” and “grow”.

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