Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Some pages from the tiny sketchbook I carry everywhere.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Drains. <3

Acrylic, gel medium, tea leaves, coffee, soil, ink, cardboard, tissue paper and pva on wood. Based on a photograph from here.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

These are a couple of my favourite gel transfers of photos from Chislehurst Caves.

And some photoshopping. Still playing around with combining stuff from my sketchbook.

And a very flamboyant looking Allosaurus for good measure. Probably should actually try a proper dino painting in photoshop. Ya know, where I actually attempt to finish something?

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Ink, gouache, paper, tea, soil and glue images of drains, all based on photos from 28DaysLater, except the first one, which is based on an image I found here. I think I've finally found ways of controlling ink that I'm happy with. I'm particularly happy with the very last picture.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I've choosen pages from Ember that are visually interesting and I've set about illustrating them by combining scans from my sketchbook, my digital photographs, scans from the book itself, found textures and purpose created textures in Photoshop.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Finally got a new sketchbook... So, it's sketchdump time!

And Frith said to El-Ahrairah...

I <3 Watership down. So here's a doodle of El-Ahrairah, the hero of Lapine folklore.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Finally fallen into the trap of using light bulbs for this Ember project thing. Electric lights are a major part of the story and I've avoided using them in images for a long time because I was worried it was too obvious. I've been working in my sketchbook and then scanning things and then printing things and working into those, and then rescanning and then combining elements in Photoshop, to get these. I thought it would be cool if the light bulbs themselves allowed you to see elements of the images, since electric lighting is the only light in The City of Ember. So I took some photos of lit bulbs and combined them with found textures and things from my sketchbook.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Some of many experiments for my uni summer project. They are all photos which have been edited in a variety of ways, almost entirely traditionally, only the first one is photoshopped at all. Mostly they are bleeched in some way, some have latex, drawn elements, some are from printer abuse and some are gel transfers. These were all photos originally taken by a friend and used with persmission.