Saturday, 25 April 2009

Well poo.

I haven't drawn today. But I did finish reading The City of Ember, which is one of the 3 novels in the brief for the next uni project.

So I figured I'd post my initial thoughts and ideas... The main thing that I found jumping out at me was the colours. Grim, orangy light. Colour seemed to be a key theme, due to the lack of it, especially with one of the main characters and her coloured pencils. Textures also jumped out. Damp, wet, slippery, cold, smooth, gimey, rusty textures. The main theme I interpreted seemed to be suppression of knowledge and a lacking desire amongst the majority of civilisation to learn. I particularly liked the "believers", who were referenced only a few times. They seemed to believe that the "builders" of the city would one day return to save them from it and saw them in a very God-like way. They refused to search for solutions to the problems in the city of Ember, because of their belief that they would one day be saved. Perhaps it's because I've just read The God Delusion, but all I could think of is religious individuals who suppress science.

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