Saturday, 17 January 2009

I am beyond appalling at 3D work, but even worse at drawing plans for 3D work.

I decided that if I had any hope in hell of solving a few scale problems from the Haroun set design, I needed to make a model.

Our brief stated that we were not expected to produce wonderfully intricate working sets, but that our lecturers would be more interested in the concepts. Early on we established that light and dark/good and evil/yin and yang type concepts were key here. Much of the story is set on a moon, one half is always daylight the other always night. The sea is a big thing in this book, too. It's made up of different coloured streams which are the streams of stories. Each colour is a different story, etc. Because the book is set in... well, not India, but it easily could be a parallel of modern India - we liked the idea of using Indian fabrics, which I got hold of at an tailoring shop nearby. The disk turns, to change the scene from one half of the moon to the other.

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