Wednesday, 14 January 2009


This is the cover to my "from page to stage" project for uni... In which we have to create designs for a theatre production based on a book... The set, characters, etc. We didn't' have to make a title page, but I picked up a free booklet at some London theatre of poncy bullshit that had some nice photos in it. I had recently finished an essay which covered a lot of crap about pop-art collages. So, I wanted to make a collage of some sort. This happened... Acrylic and collage. I did a lot of it on Christmas day, as Christmas day was pretty dull this year.

These are just photos of the shadow made by water ripples that I took. The weird arrangement is because this is how i printed them. I thought they were cool. This is for the theatre project. I want to project water ripples onto the set, somehow.

And here's Arrow, in flat colours. I know the quality is bad, it's not finished... it doesn't need to be saved as a png. Aside that, the common recolourers abilities are nulled by fuzzy edges, so hahahaa!

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